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Sometimes things work out

Monday, 12 April 2010

We went to the shops yesterday. We had a very specific set of items to hunt down and, despite it being the last Sunday of the school holidays, we still went to a very popular major shopping centre, arriving around lunch time. This would normally result in a frustrating and fruitless drive around the car park looking for somewhere to stow the car. Should we be blessed with a parking spot, it would be outdoors and some distance from the entrance.

Not yesterday.

Yesterday, we found a car park instantly and next to the entrance. We found the items we needed in the shop where we expected to find them. It was all too easy. Where was the aggravation, the run-around? Where, I wondered, was the catch? As we stood in the queue waiting to pay, TB joked that we’d be hit by a meteorite on the way home.

Well, I did bang my knee, but that’s all.

Now, the trials of a shopping trip aren’t exactly the hell-on-earth most humans endure on a daily basis, but I’m a city-born softy who gets cranky when an advertised special on a menu is no longer available (‘Take it off the menu if you’ve sold out! Don’t tempt me with it, then tell me it’s all gone! Gargh!’). TB’s promise of astral comeuppance didn’t flatten my good mood; I was just happy to have things go smoothly, to be reminded that it’s not always a disaster or a pain in the arse.

For one, the cerebrescript and I are together again. Like any relationship resumed after a break, it was a bit shaky at first.  I had a few days of empty panic, then forced myself to just read until I started liking what I saw. Having weathered the insanely busy time at my day job, I’m now able to make a few long weekends like today. Quality time for me and the c/s. It’s even shaping up to be a permanent arrangement. An opportunity to cut back my day job hours has come my way and, I have to say, it’s very exciting. It wasn’t something I thought would come up so soon, but it has and TB is, as usual, completely supportive. It’s time I’ll be devoting to my writing, precious, much sought-after time that lets me set higher but still realistic goals in words written per week.

It’s fantastic.

So, it’s true that, sometimes, things fall into place and they’re not always meteorites come to destroy civilisation as we know it.


That’s ‘Fronkensteen’

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Yes, it been almost a year since I blogged, but it’s not dead, I tells ya; it lives. I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been writing and editing, and re-writing and re-editing (and playing some cool computer games) and writing some more (and watching a bit of telly) and editing some more.

OK – I have let the blog down. I see that now.

Something really big happened, something too big to tell in just one post, and it’s the bolt of lightning needed to reanimate this near-corpse of a blog. I sent my current manuscript off to an agent – hugely ambitious move on my part that resulted in a form rejection BUT I immediately sent the m/s off to a competition.

I won.

Check it out: QWC/Hachette Manuscript Development Program 2009. There’s my name on the list of winners, one of eight who were selected from a longlist of 40 who were chosen from about 130 applications to the program from all over the country.

Over six life-transforming days at a beautiful rainforest retreat, we happy eight had the opportunity to meet with Hachette publishers (Bernadette Foley, Rachael Donovan and Kate Ballard), a literary agent (Sophie Hamley of Cameron Cresswell Agency) and two generous, inspirational, ‘keeping-it-real’ authors, Rebecca Sparrow and Angela Slatter (our QWC guide). The experience has been profound and I’ll blog about it more in future posts. Here, now, I just want to say thank-you (again) to Kate Eltham and the Queensland Writers Centre, Hachette, Bec, Angela and my fellow winners for giving so much and helping me in so many ways.

Watch this blog.