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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

So, today was the first day when, at last, I could return to my cerebrescript (oh, yes – I’m holding on to this one) and it seems I’ll have to wait a little longer. I went into my office, plugged in the Mac, hit the power button and listened to the glorious sound of powering up, soon followed by the catastrophic sound of spontaneous powering down. There was no dramatic bang, no sizzling pop or stink of frying circuitry, no plume of smoke, just silence. I performed CPR on the power button; no response.
Yes, my Mac has died.
I actually feel quite sad. Apple-haters will say I’m a victim of brain-washing, a devotee of the Apple iCult (hi, my name’s Meaghan and I love my iPhone), but my Mac really was more of a friend than any of the PCs I’ve owned. We have three PCs in the house now, plus I use one at work, and they’re fine. They’re just not…people.
I’ve always felt my iMac was pleased to see me. This morning, I hugged it and begged it to spring back to life, that I hadn’t meant to abandon it for so long or leave it to die of terminal neglect (Get it? ‘Terminal’ neglect!). Oh, how can I joke at a time like this?


Aurealis: Vale and Excelsior!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Well, Brisbane gave the Aurealis Awards a big send off last night with a memorable ceremony and lively after-party. Congratulations to all the finalists and winners, and the fabulous, generous people who made the event happen. The event will move on now to a new home where, like a writer moving to a different town, the change of scene will bring new inspiration and perspective. Onward and upward, Aurealis Awards; Brisbane bids you farewell.

Speaking of setbacks…

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Unpleasant surprises for the week:

#1: Bashed my dodgy knee doing something stupid.*

#2: Received a $120 parking fine for the three seconds it took for me to get out of our car to attend a Christmas party in town (Merry Christmas Brisbane City Council).

#3: Realised this morning I’ve lost a piece of jewellery that took me two attempts and four months to make, a piece of which I was both proud and fond and will now never see again.

#4: Discovered my motivation tanks can go from brimming over to beyond empty in only three damn weeks! ­čśŽ

Net success for this week = +100%.

Wait – how can the balance be positive?

Easy – I have amazing friends who do really nice things for me, like make my breakfast every morning, talk up my book to a potential publisher, enjoy my photos, tell me they’re glad to see me, comment on my blog; the list goes on.

Yep – I’m way ahead. ­čÖé

*Note: 41 year old arthritic, unfit women should never try to use a wheelie bin to climb into a roof space no matter how cranky they are about a persistent leak in the ceiling of their house every time it rains. They should buy a ladder.