So, today was the first day when, at last, I could return to my cerebrescript (oh, yes – I’m holding on to this one) and it seems I’ll have to wait a little longer. I went into my office, plugged in the Mac, hit the power button and listened to the glorious sound of powering up, soon followed by the catastrophic sound of spontaneous powering down. There was no dramatic bang, no sizzling pop or stink of frying circuitry, no plume of smoke, just silence. I performed CPR on the power button; no response.
Yes, my Mac has died.
I actually feel quite sad. Apple-haters will say I’m a victim of brain-washing, a devotee of the Apple iCult (hi, my name’s Meaghan and I love my iPhone), but my Mac really was more of a friend than any of the PCs I’ve owned. We have three PCs in the house now, plus I use one at work, and they’re fine. They’re just not…people.
I’ve always felt my iMac was pleased to see me. This morning, I hugged it and begged it to spring back to life, that I hadn’t meant to abandon it for so long or leave it to die of terminal neglect (Get it? ‘Terminal’ neglect!). Oh, how can I joke at a time like this?

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2 Comments on “Curses”

  1. bloowillbooks Says:

    Oh Megs I’m right there with you! Macs are people! I spend time on the beach with mine (he wears his visor so I don’t lose sight of the screen). He keeps me company late at night when hubby’s not home. He allows me to chat whenever I want. He’s an integral part of my life. Can’t imagine how you must be feeling right now.

    My condolences.

    ps. all backed up I hope?

    • When it happened, I wasn’t that worried about the back-up situation. I was sure I had a relatively recent copy of everything important, with only a couple of scenes perhaps to write again. Over the day, I started to wonder if I was right in my belief. I’d left the Mac plugged in for the day, just to see if life might return, and when I got in last night, I hit the power button and – glory be! – Mac returned to life. I was so happy my friend had come back that I just sat there grinning. TB was the one to suggest I should immediately back everything up to make sure I had the most recent version of everything. I checked the date and saw there was a little gap between most recent save and most recent back-up, so plugged in the external hard drive and made two different copies of the current manuscript. No sooner had I done this than ‘pop-whir-silence’, Mac died again. Having given me the most important files I needed, he expired.
      Until this morning; this morning, Mac behaved as if nothing had happened. Did he know I’d just spent half-an-hour reading about the newest iMac? Had he decided I’d learned my lesson and would now resume normal relations? I don’t know. It’s terrible – I don’t know if I can trust my old friend not to go pop again.

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