My new word

Manuscript, derived from the Latin manus, meaning ‘hand’, and the Latin verb ‘to write’. In other words, ‘hand-written’.

But I don’t write my novels by hand (anymore). I’m a new-fangled e-writer. ‘Computerscript’ sounds like something quite different, so that won’t do. More importantly, I’m not sure the device used to create the work is what’s important. Whether it be by hand, ‘puter, voice recorder or [insert other method if you can think of one here], the book is written first in the mind, yes?

So, what’s the Latin for ‘mind’ then? Well, I think it’s mens or mentis or something similar. Hmmm – ‘menscript’? No; that won’t do at all. ‘Mentiscript’? Has a familiar ring to it.

Wait; I have it; ‘cerebrescript’, from the Latin cerebrum, meaning ‘brain’. That is, ‘brain-written’.


OK, let’s use it in a sentence:

One day in the not-too distant future, I hope to return to my cerebrescript, because I miss it very much and hope it will still be my friend after all this time.

Note: I have no idea how Latin works and don’t care; I like my new word.

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