Separation Anxiety

I haven’t written a word since my WYOAD weekend a fortnight ago. I haven’t had a conversation with my characters or come up with an idea that had to be jotted down. I haven’t read anything from the manuscript.

The polite way to describe how this makes me feel is to say it sucks like the last, biggest, badass black hole that will consume the universe a bit. This enforced lay off from my manuscript isn’t because I’m being lazy or pathetic, just the wretched intrusion of my day job’s busiest time of year. I’m at the computer reading and writing and working, but not on my book. It makes me anxious. I worry.

The busy time doesn’t last forever. By the end of next month, I’ll have my weekends and my evenings back. I’ll run back to my book in one of those slow motion scenes across a green field of spring flowers with surging, momentous music in the air, we’ll fall into each other’s arms and promise never to leave each other ever again.

Until next year.

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One Comment on “Separation Anxiety”

  1. bloowillbooks Says:

    Don’t worry Megs, this happens to everyone. I prefer to think of it as ‘back pressure’. Like waters in a dam, all your great ideas are building up and up until finally when you open the floodgates everything will come pouring out faster and in a more intense fashion than if you’d never dammed it at all!

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