Saturday at the computer (but not in a good way)

So many things happening today that I would have loved to be part of – QWC‘s Open Day in their new home; Chinese New Year; a sunny day outside – but I had to work. By work , I don’t mean the wonderful work that is writing my @ss off; I mean ‘day job’ work, the stuff that makes sure we have food to eat and a place to sleep. Not really how I like to spend my Saturday, but it’s a crazy-busy time of year and it’s just the way things have to be.


I did get to work at home though sitting in my new command office chair listening to music. That’s a plus, right?

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2 Comments on “Saturday at the computer (but not in a good way)”

  1. bloowillbooks Says:

    That’s a definite plus. Besides, you can visit QWC any old time a full pantry is irreplaceable

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