Beneath every dedicated writer is a comfy chair

OK, that’s probably not true. It certainly wasn’t true for me until Sunday when TB bought me a new chair. It’s comfy. It tilts. I feel like Captain Jean-Luc Picard when I sit in it.

Did I just ‘say’ that out loud?

Point is, the new chair is an important part of the preparation for this Saturday’s mission as part of ‘Write Your @ss Off Day’. Write a book? I will ‘make it so’.

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4 Comments on “Beneath every dedicated writer is a comfy chair”

  1. bloowillbooks Says:

    Well if you’re going to write it off, it should at least be comfy. I used to trek one of the kitchen chairs into my desk to write. It was never the right height and not very comfy. Now I have an exercise ball. Hehehe…I figure I’ll improve my core strength while I lengthen my prose!

    • Indeed – a comfy @ss is more likely to written into oblivion!

      I’ve considered the exercise ball as an option too but my general lack of grace and poise would probably result in me rolling off the ball and shattering my pelvis. There is a danger to my comfy chair and that is I’ll sit in it for too long. However, my plan this Saturday is to have the motivational snacks stacked in the kitchen, forcing me to make regular journeys back and forth for sustenance. šŸ™‚

  2. peppergroyne Says:

    Careful of the comfy chair … I believe the Inquisition may have used it as a torture device in the past.

    • Ooh – I forgot about that. Not sure my chair is as comfy looking as the one shown in that old BBC documentary about the Inquisition’s interrogative practices, and I don’t have any cushions with mine, so no one will be having at me with the pointy end. šŸ™‚

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