A Day to Celebrate Writing

Over at Editorial Ass, the fabulous Moonrat is calling for writers to join in ‘Write Your @ss Off Day’. It’s not just about word count; some may not write at all. Moonrat describes it as ‘a day (8 hours) devoted to your writing – that can constitute a number of activities, but should be about celebrating your creation’.

Players get to choose their day of celebration from Friday 5th to Monday 8th of February. I’ve settled on Saturday the 6th and, in spite of Moonrat’s generous interpretation of how writers can mark their day, I will be taking the challenge literally. I’m going to dedicate the day to making a grand effort on my current Work-in-Progress, Fall of Bitter Rain. I will have to make a few preparations in the next week or so, lay in a few motivational snacks and ensure there’s plenty of coffee in store, get a long playlist sorted out on my iPod and make my chair a bit more comfy with extra pillows. I may not finish my revision of FoBR that day, but I hope to make a big dent in the job.

Inner Fan will be so pleased. 🙂

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2 Comments on “A Day to Celebrate Writing”

  1. peppergroyne Says:

    How did your WYAOD go? I hope the preparation and planning gave you the uninterrupted 8hrs you were looking for.

    • Almost. I got in 6 hours yesterday and will do another couple today. New chair and motivational snackage in the form of Wasabi Peas, cashews, cheese & onion chips and Tim Tams provided major assistance but back ache and thunderstorms limited productivity. Full report to come. 🙂

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