Stationery Love

Although I completed QWC’s Year of the Novel course in 2005 with the very motivating and generous Kris Olsson, I decided to do it again this year online with Kim Wilkins for three reasons:
1. Writing courses inspire me (so much to learn; meeting other writers and sharing; homework).
2. I’m keen to learn about the techniques Kim uses when writing a novel.
3. I’m curious to experience a year-long course of this nature by online means.  

New Notebook = Love

It’s not all virtual. To my great joy, one of the first suggestions Kim made was that we should have a notebook for this novel. A real notebook, not an e-version. It’s not to be used for all the little notes and reminders that pop up day-to-day, or even for other writing ideas that come along; it’s just for the novel that will be written this year. While Kim did say it didn’t need to be super special or pretty or inherently imbued with the gravitas one believes the task of writing a novel should have, the stationery-lover in me took this as an ideal excuse to go looking for something nice.  

Now, I’m pretty useless when it comes to keeping a diary and I don’t know that I can prevent myself from writing unrelated notes in the notebook I’ve bought. I have doubts about whether a notebook will work for me. I have big, scrappy handwriting. I make mistakes just writing an address on an envelope. I hate having a lovely new notebook then immediately ruining it by writing untidy, misspelt garbage in it. However, I am enrolled in YoNline to learn; I will try all things suggested to me.  

When I saw this notebook in a bookstore, I knew it was the one for WiP#3, the novel I will write this year (once I’ve finished the revision of WiP#2). The cover is in keeping with my oriental-inspired world. The spine is bound only with string so the notebook opens completely flat; no fighting with it when you’ve got a pen in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. It feels nice to hold; a little exotic, a lot old-fashioned. It’s perfect.  

Right up to the moment I start writing in it. 🙂

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11 Comments on “Stationery Love”

  1. peppergroyne Says:

    Now, I don’t mean to be too stationophilistic here but with a fantastic new notebook like that, can we do better than a Uniball Eye Micro (nice pens though they are) to write in it?

  2. peppergroyne Says:

    Great looking notebook though. Is it actually a wooden cover?

    • It’s genuine imitation wood – smooth and cool to the touch.

      Are you suggesting I buy an equally special pen for the taking of notes? Something really writerly like a fountain pen? I’d have to go to a special pen shop. It might take hours just to choose the right pen, hours of stationery-loving bliss… 🙂

  3. TB Says:

    So nice I made Megs buy me one too. And I don’t even have (or need) an excuse.

  4. bloowillbooks Says:

    I to have a stationery fetish. My current bugbear is that I don’t yet have an organiser for this year. But I will…oh yes, I will!

    • Oooohhh – an organiser; that’s an important and exciting stationery shopping opportunity. All the hopes that you’ll find one not only desirable and beautiful to touch, but one that will actually make order from the chaos that is life. 🙂

  5. lauradoyle Says:

    Lol, after listening to the lecture,first thing I did was buy a notebook too. Except I couldn’t find one that match any of my story ideas like you have. I think another stationary shopping trip is in order.

  6. Ooh, that’s lovely. I frequently have to stop myself from buying notebooks I simply DO NOT NEED. Beautiful office supplies/organizational tools will be my downfall.

    And don’t be silly–your writing will ADD to the notebook’s loveliness! 🙂

    • I always tell myself I did need the notebook/pen/post-it sticky/novelty paperclip I just bought, that without it my book could not possibly continue. I wish I could agree with you re: my writing enhancing my new notebook’s quality but, sadly, my handwriting is that bad, and my thoughts are that incoherent, that it’s almost a crime to let me write in a notebook this nice. :0

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