Rebecca Sparrow’s ‘First Sunday Club’

The New Year is here, off and running. I’m brimming over with resolution, goals and good intentions, equally aware I’ll probably run out of puff by early March and then pretend I was never that serious about all the things I said I’d do in 2010.

In fact, I realised today I’ve reached that age where I make sure I’ve broken my most ridiculous resolutions by day 2 so I can get on with enjoying life and being more reasonable about what I can do and when. I know I can’t really write 1,000 words a day every day for a year, that there will be days when a bout of the ‘flu means I can’t complete my daily walk and that I’ll never be the sort of person that puts housework before writing, reading, walking, photography, TV, daydreaming, watching clouds, sleeping, etc.

I will never be able to give up peanut butter.

The fabulous Rebecca Sparrow has set down a challenge for 2010 that is not at all stressful, totally achievable and all for a good cause – The First Sunday Club. This month’s $10 donation will contribute to promoting literacy and education among girls and women in developing nations. This is a very cool idea and Bec is a very cool writer – she would never judge me for my love of peanut butter, for instance –  so I’ll be joining this club as of today. 🙂

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One Comment on “Rebecca Sparrow’s ‘First Sunday Club’”

  1. Bec Sparrow Says:

    Thanks, M! And trust me, I’m not about to give up my love of peanut butter either.


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