Speaking of setbacks…

Unpleasant surprises for the week:

#1: Bashed my dodgy knee doing something stupid.*

#2: Received a $120 parking fine for the three seconds it took for me to get out of our car to attend a Christmas party in town (Merry Christmas Brisbane City Council).

#3: Realised this morning I’ve lost a piece of jewellery that took me two attempts and four months to make, a piece of which I was both proud and fond and will now never see again.

#4: Discovered my motivation tanks can go from brimming over to beyond empty in only three damn weeks! 😦

Net success for this week = +100%.

Wait – how can the balance be positive?

Easy – I have amazing friends who do really nice things for me, like make my breakfast every morning, talk up my book to a potential publisher, enjoy my photos, tell me they’re glad to see me, comment on my blog; the list goes on.

Yep – I’m way ahead. 🙂

*Note: 41 year old arthritic, unfit women should never try to use a wheelie bin to climb into a roof space no matter how cranky they are about a persistent leak in the ceiling of their house every time it rains. They should buy a ladder.

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2 Comments on “Speaking of setbacks…”

  1. bloowillbooks Says:

    I have a ladder you can borrow any time you like. They work so much better than wheelie bins!

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