Success as a side order

Sometimes, small setbacks turn into opportunities for success. I could, at this point, use a profound and moving anecdote to make my point, but will instead relate a trivial incident that I think has more immediate meaning for us all.

What's wrong with this breakfast?

We went into town on Saturday to do our Christmas shopping. To get a decent park in town at this time of year, you need to arrive before the shops open, so we went to a favoured cafe for breakfast. TB ordered bacon and eggs with a side order of chipolata sausages. To his enormous disappointment, his breakfast arrived complete with eggs and sausages, but no bacon.  


The waiter dashed away once the mistake was made plain and returned in the flip of a pancake with a side order of bacon. What had been a terrible setback was now a glorious abundance, for a side order of sausages would have given TB only two of the porky delights, whereas his breakfast arrived with three. Even better, the side plate of bacon was perhaps more generous than is usual. TB launched into a day of Christmas shopping full of meaty goodness and cheer.

When life steals your bacon, don’t despair; a better, bigger serve of bacon may be on the way.

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4 Comments on “Success as a side order”

  1. TB Says:

    Ah, is there any task that can’t be improved with the addition of some dead pig?

  2. bloowillbooks Says:

    Oh I’m so with you on this. I think writers who are constantly submitting work, become a little bit ‘numb’ (only a little bit mind) to rejection letters (especially the dumb ol’ form letter type that says you didn’t even get out of the slush pile). Some of them though (not the form letters) provide encouragement, suggestions and motivation that would not otherwise have been presented. Of course thoughtful rejection letters aren’t as tasty as bacon…but then, I’ve never licked one!

  3. Mmm…rejection letter.

    Nope, doesn’t sound as tasty, but I’m sure going to try it next time I get one. 🙂

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