Bill Bailey and the End of the Universe

So, it’s official; as a blogger, I suck. At least, that’s what my friends tell me, and they’re not wrong. In my defence, I’d point out that whenever I am sitting at a computer dragging crafted sentences out of my brain like an Egyptian embalmer pulling brains out through the nose of a corpse, it’s because I’m writing my book. Of course, my blog may, ultimately, end up with more readers than my book ever will, but hey!

I’ve been struggling lately with getting old. I feel like I’ve nothing to show for my life so far and less than half the time I’ve already wasted left to achieve anything notable. Then, Bill Bailey came to my rescue. We were watching his ‘Part Troll’ DVD again last night and his opening line about the universe slowing down and all human endeavour being futile cheered me up a treat. Nothing lasts forever and no one really matters. Mozart, Botticelli, Einstein, Dan Brown; all will amount to nothing in the end. Am I crazy to find that comforting?

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3 Comments on “Bill Bailey and the End of the Universe”

  1. Wulfgar Says:

    Not crazy just realistic, which is also known as pessimistic, which is usually frowned upon, but then again, who cares?
    Peace and Laughs to you,

  2. peppergroyne Says:

    Hmmm, once I got past the rather gruesome simile I would have to suggest you are not crazy … just aware 😉

  3. leedublin Says:

    Your comments and chats I’ve had with The Beholder have led me to a new opinion on the whole optimist v. pessimist thing. My conclusions are a bit controversial and suggest happy people may be the ruination of all mankind, but I’ll expound further in my next post.
    Best to you both. 🙂

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