Grab a Shovel; Start Digging

And just like that, the lights go out. The inspiration tank runs dry. The fever passes.

I sent off my submission to Varuna and felt pretty good about that. I told myself I’d keep working. I was on top. Then, I had a busy week at work. Crazy busy, where you end up further behind as the day passes; phone calls, emails, emergencies and generally weird stuff. By the end of the week, I’d hardly written a word. Worse, my characters stopped talking to me. The ache in my knees, back and hips made it hard to sit at the computer. The weekend passed in a blur, and I woke up on Monday to realise it’d gone: the fire; the drive; the whatever-it-is has left me. If I really do know the meaning of persistence – of being dogged – it’s now that I’m being tested.

I don’t like it when my head goes quiet. I don’t know why it happens. Do my characters stop talking to me because I’m cranky or am I in a bad mood because my imaginary friends have upped and left? I’m very tired at the moment; that might have something to do with it. In truth, I think I’m just being a wimp.

Inspiration isn’t a bottomless cup of coffee; no one else is going to come along and re-fill it for me. I can’t even buy a jar of instant, or expect to find the beans in a vacuum-sealed package on the shelf of our local shop. No, I’ll have to dig a hole, plant a tree, water it, nurture it, wait for it to fruit, harvest, roast, grind… Then I’ll have my fresh cup of inspiration.

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2 Comments on “Grab a Shovel; Start Digging”

  1. Inspiration block sometimes catches us by surprise, I run a blogging group at another site, and of course you have to lead by example. Then I have nights like tonight when I run dry, so I come to WP for inspiration. Good work. When you have nothing to write about, write about it! D

  2. leedublin Says:

    Hi David – Thanks! I like that idea – as long as we’re writing something, we’re keeping the machinery from rusting solid. 🙂

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