I was caught in the rain today; no umbrella, no raincoat and no shelter. Can’t say I was happy about it. I was at work at the time and spent the afternoon as a living definition of ‘bedraggled’ and hoping I didn’t remind anyone of the smell of wet dog.

True to my word, I did make the effort to capture in my mind the sensations of being rained on. I didn’t get drenched – not properly – just wet. The wind direction and my walking forward resulted in my front ending up a lot wetter than my back. I noticed this most of all on my chest, arms and thighs, and, of course, my head. Instinct prompted me to frown and tilt my head down, using my brow as a shield against getting rain in my eyes. Water gathering on my forehead dripped off my eyebrows – I remember that particularly – and more ran down to fall off the end of my nose. My hair formed into spikes and lengths of string, sticking to my head. My footsteps were pleasing little wet slaps, except when the toe of my left foot skidded out behind me as I used a zebra-crossing – the wet paint was very slippery.

People with umbrellas gave me strange, puzzled looks.

This rain was the cold stuff from a dark, grey sky; if I’d had to stay outdoors for much longer, I would have started shivering. Once indoors, I mopped myself off with some paper towels and was mostly dry within an hour or so, but my hair never recovered; all my hairspray and styling gel hardened in the spikes and stringy bits. It’s a new look; I might try it again someday.

On a happy note, The Beholder has read my 72-page draft of the material I’ve been working on for the last few weeks. He likes it! Yes, he’s my husband; doesn’t mean he likes everything I write. I’d prepared myself for the workload that usually follows his first read-through of a draft, anticipating he might dislike a character for being dull or wimpy, or complain there was too little detail about what was going on.  In all 72 pages, he had less than a dozen notes; a couple of typos, an inconsistency, two instances of words he didn’t like and one niggling curiosity about a character that was easily explained when I corrected the inconsistency. I’m on a roll and loving it. With The Beholder’s amendments made, I will now submit the work to the Evil-Minded Plot Mistress and the Demon for Detail and see what they think. Fingers crossed!

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