I’m a Writer

They say ‘writers write’, so I know I’m already a writer, but I want more. A lot more. I want people to read about worlds, events and characters I’ve invented. I want to make that connection with people that I feel when I read a book. I know I’m just one of millions of writers, yearning for publication, recognition, success, and I also know I might never get there. I could give up now; I’m well paid for my boring admin job and I’ve lots of other things I could be doing. For some reason, I’m squandering my leisure time on writing. I can no more quell my desire to become a published author than I can choose to stop breathing (and I’ve tried both – it’s unpleasant).

I’m not sure how I’ll go with blogging, but I’ve always enjoyed talking to myself and telling myself stories – I expect this will be strangely familiar in that way.

My current goal is to have the first sixty pages of my first novel ready to submit to a competition that closes at the end of October. I don’t expect the manuscript to progress far but I’ll attempt to have the rest of the manuscript – approximately 160,000 words at the moment – ready by Christmas, just in case I’m selected in the second round. No matter what happens in the competition, I really need to have this revised version of the book ready to send to agents in 2008. Opportunities are out there for speculative fiction authors at the moment; I have to get a move on. I’ve set myself the target of spending at least one hour on the book every day. Is it enough? I’m not sure.

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